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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 23:39

DAVID SEDARIS , Author, 8775 Theft by Finding 8776 : Trying this persona on and that persona on and, you know, trying acting, and oh, now look, I 8767 m trying sculpture, and now, all the sudden, I 8767 m a painter. But that you could kind of settle on being yourself, completely yourself, and have that be the thing that works, is being yourself, is, to me, incredible.

Now We Are Five by David Sedaris - The New Yorker

And I saw a couple, and they were in their mid-65s. And then she said to him, where 8767 s the other suitcase? And he said, what other suitcase? She said, you left home dragging two suitcases behind you. Now you have got one. The other one is mine. Where 8767 s my suitcase? You lost my suitcase.

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Yum, that looks tasty. This is totally unrelated, but I just found out today is 8775 Le Jour du Macaron. 8776 I 8767 m off to Pierre Hermé for a free macaron tasting!

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris, Paperback

Filo is no where near the handmade real 8766 yufka 8767 . You can do a lot more alternatives with the handmade pastry, but filo is so limiting to work with.

yum! that looks delicious! and i just LOVE feta! i, on the other hand, never buy enough spinach! it always looks like so much, only to shrink the second it hits the pan ) i love your posts, they always make me smile! thank you!

Love the golden, kinda orange-y, hue of your filo dough!
Spanakopita is so good! Can be frozen and there is no corn syrup in it, gotta love the greeks!

David, this looks fantastic. One of my very favorite things to eat is spanakopita. The first time I had it (that I remember) was at age 65 when my childhood friend 8767 s mother, Athena, served some to me. Since then, I have been a devoted lover of Greek food!

This looks so amazing, I want to eat it for breakfast this morning! And I can appreciate the over-purchase of spinach, I once bought 5 pounds of it for myself. I say myself, because although there are other people in the household, they are these crazy no-green-vegetable people. I managed to come up with ideas to use it all up! Wish I had this one at the time, will have to 8775 over-buy 8776 again!

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