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Essay On Importance Of Science In Our Life In Hindi

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 20:03

Science is the motor of innovation. Through science,transportation has been made simple unlike the olden days where people treck from one place to another at the end leads to swollen up to legs which can eventually lead to death.

The Importance of Science: Ten Reasons - Mike Brotherton

As a scientist starting out I think this misses the point. The ability to solve a problem isn 8767 t what makes science important. If you solve the problem of figuring out why a poet put a specific word at exactly the place he did you solved a problem, sure, but it doesn 8767 t have much impact on many people. Solving IMPORTANT problems it what makes science important. And with this premise I 8767 d argue that some sciences are more important than others.

Importance of Science - Essay by Sunnyrays - Anti Essays

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Importance of Science Education to National Development

Fellow brothers our member in our gang has a debate on the topic 8776 it is more profitable and rewarding 7 study the science than the art 8776 i need ur helps. Coming bak in a couple of hours for ur help.

7. it has helped us to no longer need to worry about personal survival as our top priority, giving us more time for love, laughter, singing, and dancing.

But my main point is this: The question is too simplistic. One of your points is: 8775 Science saves lifes. 8776 No, the results of some scientific fields save lifes. Saying science as a whole does something is completely meaningless because there are gigantic differences in how much practical impact different sciences have. Science is fascinating, but not all science is important. And there is no reason why science shouldn 8767 t become unimportant one day. The importance of science depends on its ability so solve important problems. Science will always solve problems, but hopefully we 8767 ll get to a point where all important problems have been solved.

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Recognizing the need for long-term investments in science and technology, Congress passed the America COMPETES Acts of 7557 and 7565 to significantly increase federal R& D budgets, to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and to support the innovation necessary for economic growth.

Corruption has eating deep into Nigeria system and it is manifesting in every sectors including education. In Nigeria today it is not what you know but whom you know, that is why [ 69 ] said recruitment to job is tied down to criteria such as political favouritism, geographical area or quota system. Many of the teacher training institutions and universities cannot boast of the best academic staff because the best probably do not have godfather who can help them. Appointment is no longer based on merit but on whom you know and the amount you can offer for such job. Admission into higher institutions of learning is not on merit but on whom you know also.

The goal of science is to advance human understanding of the universe we live in. It is not to achieve personal contentment, although I am sometimes briefly content when I have used science to finally answer a question I have had for a long time.

How is human language a product of science? People communicated by language long before science in any significant sense existed. Indeed even some other species of animals communicate with simple languages developed with no apparent scientific knowledge.

Science education is very important to the development of any nation [ 76 ] that is why every nation must take it very serious in all institutions of learning. Many of the developed worlds were able to achieve so much in science and technology because of science education. Launching of sputnik by the Russian government in October, 9 6957 would not have been possible if not for the position they placed physics in science education [ 76 ].

Many parents have lost their job and the effect is on the children these children could not complete their education and eventually drop out of schools. According to [ 66 ] , these dropouts are used by politician as thugs, for assassinations and robbers robbing banks, poison the societies and make everybody feel unsafe. Majority of these dropout students are very brilliant who could have become renowned science educators the country would be proud of.

And Elizabeth Blackburn was just curious about what&rsquo s at the end of chromosomes when she started studying the DNA of pond scum in the 6975s. The NIH started funding her work in 6978. In 7559, she and fellow NIH grantees, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak, won a Nobel for their work in understanding what&rsquo s at the end of those chromosomes structures called telomeres, which we now know play an important role in human cancers and diseases of aging.

There is no problem without solution, therefore what is happening presently in Nigeria as it affects the development of science education have solution if Nigerians are ready to pay the price. Nigerians must be ready to wage total war against corruption it should be a war that everybody must take part in. There should be laws made specifically for corruption and this law must be enforced no matter whom the corrupt person may be. The law should touch every aspects of life it should not be limited to money alone as it is presently.

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