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Environmental Pollution , Its Sources and Effects

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 15:51

They appear several months or even years after the exposure. The effects are caused by development of genetic changes, mutations, shortening of life span, formation of tumour, cancers, etc. The effect of mutations can persist in the human race.

Short Essay on the “Environmental Pollution” in Hindi

&ldquo Any use of natural resources at a rate higher than nature's capacity to restore itself can result in pollution of air, water, and land.&rdquo ( Ref. 6)

7Kinds of Environmental Pollution - Sustainable Baby Steps

Environmental Pollution Science Fair Projects

In order to develop and implement an effective international policy for pollutants&rsquo management, it is important, among other factors, to understand their decomposition mechanisms.

&ldquo Pollution is a special case of habitat destruction it is chemical destruction rather than the more obvious physical destruction. Pollution occurs in all habitats land, sea, and fresh water and in the atmosphere.&rdquo ( Ref. 9)

Our country faces one more problem . noise pollution. Loud horns during traffic chaos, screaming loudspeakers at different occasions and blasting crackers that almost make one deaf are killing the peaceful silence. Use of silencers, abiding by proper traffic regulations and checking excessive use of public speaker systems can help in reducing noise-pollution.

Water pollution caused industrial waste products released into lakes, rivers, and other water bodies, has made marine life no longer hospitable. Humans pollute water with large scale disposal of garbage, flowers, ashes and other household waste. In many rural areas one can still find people bathing and cooking in the same water, making it incredibly filthy. Acid rain further adds to water pollution in the water. In addition to these, thermal pollution and the depletion of dissolved oxygen aggravate the already worsened condition of the water bodies. Water pollution can also indirectly occur as an offshoot of soil pollution &ndash through surface runoff and leaching to groundwater.

This includes cosmic rays that reach the surface of the earth from space and terrestrial radiations from radioactive elements present in the earth 8767 s crust.

Production of nuclear weapons involves the tests of nuclear arms. These tests produce large amount of radioactive elements into the environment and make other materials also radioactive. They include strontium 95, cesium 687, iodine 686 and some others.

Rain water is considered as the purest form of water. Water pollution in lakes, rivers, ponds and other water bodies is caused by surface water which carries a large amount of chemical discharge of industries and inorganic discharge of city sewage. Such impurities are a serious threat to the existence of mankind.

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