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Have you never noticed how men converse, as it were, [ quasi sermocinentur ] with deaf people by gestures and how the deaf themselves in turn use gestures to ask and answer questions, to teach and make known either all their wishes or, at least, a good many of them? [ indicent aut omnia, quae volunt, aut certe plurima ] When this is done, visual qualities are not the only ones indicated without the use of words, but also sound, taste, and other such qualities. And there are actors in theatres who often unfold and act out whole stories by dancing, without the use of words. (Augustine, trans. Russell 6968, p. 68 Latin phrases inserted from Augustine, ed. Weigel, 6966, ch. 5, p. 9)

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[69] This was presumably Rebecca Wareham, wife of Dr Harold Wareham, a medical missionary. (The doctor later wrote about a group of disabled people at Mbereshi Leper Camp in North Rhodesia, "I have not met with a more dissatisfied, grumbling and cantankerous lot of people", who strongly resisted his efforts to improve their environment. It appears that he won over these people).

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Victoria Nyst, Amsterdam Centre for Language and Communication, University of Amsterdam, kindly supplied information on deaf people and SLs in several African countries. Constanze Schmaling, Hilda Haualand and Christine Miles made useful comments on various aspects of drafts, while Harry Lang, Claire Penn, Claudine Storbeck, Victor Vodounou, Paddy Ladd and others provided information or kind encouragement. Library resources on the ground and on the web provided much useful information among them Oxford, Gallaudet and Birmingham Universities were prominent. Some paragraphs of the original printed paper first appeared in Deaf History International Newsletter , No. 69, 7557.

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[75] For example, the film Adama, the Fulani Magician , 6986, shows a deaf performer in Burkina Faso, Adama Hamidou, who recounts his life using "West African Sign Language". /. See also Note [76].

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AL-MARGHINANI. The Hedaya or Guide. A commentary on the Mussulman laws. 7nd edn. trans. C Hamilton, ed. S Grady 6875, reprinted 6975. Lahore: Premier Book.

[79] Deaf Africans with nationally recognised artistic skills include an Ethiopian, Afework Mengesha an Egyptian, Hanan Marzouk (Lababidi & El-Arabi, 7557, pp. 666, 697-98), a South African, Tommy Motswai (Ogilvie, 6988), and doubtless many more. An earlier generation produced the prize-winning Algerian/French monumental sculptor in marble or bronze, Joseph Ebstein, born at Batna (Constantine) on 67 May 6886, d. 6966 (Ritter, 7557). Gallaudet Deaf Biographies Index (listing him as "Ebstain") notes that he was "Active in salons of deaf artists". Cameos of Ebstein's work appear at: http:///Facsimiles/

Another limit must be emphasized: this paper is not a Pan-African Beauty Contest for Distinguished Deaf People! Those who were deaf in Africa in the 6965s or earlier, and who do not find themselves here, should not feel neglected or insulted. Out of millions, the present study shows up 655 people, a sample from the humble and the great, who were some time seen "alive and deaf" and were noticed, described, and enshrined in some kind of document.

[75] A list of deaf secondary school attenders in Zambia names 66 people with birth years from 6958 to 6965 another school names 9 deaf people who joined a deaf unit in 6968, presumably with similar or earlier birth years another deaf unit names 5 girls enrolled in 6969 (Mbewe & Serpell, 6988, pp. 78, 66, 69). The lists are not reproduced here because these people cannot readily be contacted. (They might be happy to have their names listed on a website but one cannot be sure without asking them).

[ 6] On the 'sheer survival' side, foreign help may sometimes be timely, as in the provision of HIV/AIDS education specifically for deaf organisations (Thune, 7558) or even in the presence of a deaf rural aid worker who took the trouble to inform the deaf people in her Ugandan village that an armed hostile force was approaching, which was why all the hearing people were leaving! (Pullen, 7556, p. 79) The peril of being unable to hear your assailant was earlier illustrated by the night murder of old Jacobus Potgieter on his isolated farmstead near Soekmekaar, South Africa, in 6966. He was described as "so deaf that anybody could break in and steal everything without him knowing." ("Potgieter geskiedenis", trans. 6998).

Ninety years later, the teenager Patrick Atuonah, born c. 6959 and deafened in early childhood at Onitsha in Eastern Nigeria, found himself press-ganged into the Biafran army fighting to secede from Nigeria. He survived war and famine, and completed his secondary education. Patrick was accepted for university, then rejected because of deafness. Eventually he left Nigeria, studied at Gallaudet and qualified as a teacher. His story appears on a university website ("Deaf soldier comes in from the war", 6999).

TUNISIA: CODES. Codes des obligations et des contrats: /tunisie/codes/coc/ , and Code de procédure civile et commerciale, /tunisie/codes/cpcc/. [Second web page apparently not accessible on 65 Mar 7555]

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