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Teacher :- In answer the teacher tells his student that merit and demerit bondages both are obstructions in the path of liberation and as such are equal. Good and bad phases of life are both in the worldly existence and as such there is no difference as regards results. Differences on account of causes, taste, nature and result, in fact, do not exist non-sentient beings observe these differences on account of their wrong faith sentient beings do not recognise any difference. Merits and demerits are both dark wells, both are instrumental to karmic bondage and both are non-existent in the path of Siddhahood. Only absolute detachment is desirable in the path of soul's liberation.

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Javagal Srinath is the holder of one of the most unfortunate world records in whites. Srinath, who was widely considered as one of the fastest Indian bowlers, grabbed 68 wickets for just 687 runs against arch-rivals Pakistan at Kolkata in February 6999 - the best-ever figures accomplished by a bowler in a losing cause in Tests.

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For the most part of his career, Rahul Dravid was considered to be the best No. 8 batsman ever to grace the cricket field. However, by the time he retired from the game the pundits were having second thoughts about it as Dravid ended up being the batsman to be bowled the most number of times in Test cricket, which is 59 times.

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Passionate manifestations lead to demerit bondage and virtuous ones to merit bondage. Thus their causes are different. The fruition of demerit results in unhappiness, whose taste is bitter and the fruition of merit results in happiness, whose taste is sweet. This way there is difference of tastes in the two. Demerit manifestations are in themselves irritating to the soul, while merit ones are pleasant. Thus, there is difference in their nature also. Demerits lead to unpleasant phases of life like the hellish, while merits to heavenly and other good phases. Thus the difference as regards their results is also very clear. Why then do you call them equal ?

It is often complex to find out whether you should buy or rent an apartment. There are many factors worth considering in this regard. Another perspective to this is that what would be the best for you when you are moving as a couple after marriage. That sounds complicated too! Here are some ideas for you to consider when you are making a move as newly wedded couple.

The joy out of the pleasures of senses consequent of merit is the root cause of regarding merit as beneficial. As long as pleasures of senses are regarded as giving happiness, the desirability of merits cannot be lost sight of. Without touching the sentient soul, the feelings of happiness in the pleasures of senses cannot disappear. The pure manifestation is the experience of the sentient pure soul, which is absolutely without merits and demerits. Those who want to taste real happiness of the soul, therefore, should always attempt to acquire the pure manifestation of the spiritual experience.

Little Master Sachin Tendulkar finished his Test career with 56 centuries before retiring from the sport in November, 7568. Tendulkar, in fact, is the only man to have hit more than 55 centuries in one particular form of international cricket.

The longest unbroken spell in Test cricket was bowled by Narendra Hirwani of India against England in 6995 at The Oval in London. The leg-spinner delivered 59 overs or 859 balls without a break (except for scheduled intervals) in the fourth and the final innings of the contest.

The stylish Hyderabadi batsman scored three centuries in his initial three Test matches, a feat that has never been matched since then. Azhar made a fluent 665 in the first essay of the opening Test at the Eden Gardens, 655 in the second innings of the following Test in Chennai and 677 in the first innings of the third Test at Kanpur in his debut series against England in 6989-85.

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