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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 21:15

Jonpaul's is an upscale old-world gentleman's barber shop that offers today's progressive gentlemen a haven where he can sit back, relax and experience the "World Class" art of grooming and services in a gentleman's club atmosphere, which is masculine and Jonpaul's is aimed at an exclusive market and a discerning customer base, and will add tremendous value to our community while offering a combination of "World Class Services" not currently being offered by any competitor in the greater Gigaburb area. We intend to be profitable by increasing our client base through becoming a highly sought after destination.

Child Care Business Plan Sample - Strategy and

In essence, The Toddler Warehouse is letting the facilities and teacher/student interactions speak for themselves. Because of the high level of service, this is entirely possible.

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The first two months will be spent renovating the house and bringing it up to specifications, both for the state health and license codes, and Matt's specifications. During this time, Matt will be finishing up the training program and manuals. Although Matt had designed an entire training program as part of his Master's in Education, he is re-working it so it is custom designed for his new facility.

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Our goal, beyond becoming a profitable business, is becoming a trusted destination whereby the clients in our community can come to refresh their minds and bodies, replenish their energies, and network with their colleagues and friends!

The Toddler Warehouse's sales strategy will be targeting double income working professional families. These families have the money to spend on child care and these parents are much more likely to appreciate the advanced learning systems taught at The Toddler Warehouse based on Matt's thesis.

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The sales strategy will be based on a communication effort to explain the virtues of the program and how time at The Toddler Warehouse can speed up the children's development considerably. In addition to one on one explanations of the program and its merits, the prospective parents will be given tours of the facilities. The tour of the facility will serve two purposes:

The Toddler Warehouse is targeting a very specialize niche in child care space. With this in mind, The Toddler Warehouse must then carefully communicate it's services if the company is to be patronized by this target segment. What will be communicated are The Toddler Warehouse's competitive advantages: specialized training of the staff and innovative learning programs. If the targeted parent hears and understands these advantages, they will more likely be willing to switch to The Toddler Warehouse's service.

In addition, The Toddler Warehouse will be using tours of the facilities to sell it's services. Tours in the industry are pretty standard. Most parents want to see a facility before they will send their kids there. The Toddler Warehouse's facilities are so good that they speak for themselves. Therefore, it will be a priority to get the parents to view the facilities and that will convince them.

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