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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 22:27

I know i am not the best person to say this but i completely agree with this. I am 68 years old and when i was reading this i saw some things that i could easily bring into my life because of the technology with my phone. I feel like i will be on my phone less now in the new year because i read this article and i will spen dmore time working out and being healthy

25 Negative Effects of Technology - RooGirl

Though you may have never heard of HRV, it’s incredibly important—to your health, to your stress level, and to your ability to be resilient

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As amazing as it sounds, I could see myself becoming more intelligent, more focused, more intuitive, and more creative. My memory got better. I seemed to more easily find solutions to problems and situations that had troubled me before.

Technology - BBC News

Not unless you find increased happiness, greater peace of mind, improved mental functioning, greater self-awareness, better emotional health, and a feeling of greater aliveness dangerous.

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I know you want all the benefits I’ve mentioned —more happiness… less stress… more inner peace… greater feelings of connection with others… slowing the aging process… more clarity of mind… more creativity… better learning… and all the rest.

Children are using more technology now than they have ever used in the past. All of the negative effects that social media and television is having on adults are far greater when it comes to the developing minds of children. There is no way to know what long term effect technology will have on our children because this is the first generation to have unlimited access.

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Technology causes people to suffer from mental and emotional disturbances, such as anxiety, phobias and delusions, which are all symptoms of neurosis. Being convinced you’re very ill after looking up strange diseases on WebMD or thinking you are famous because you have had a viral video are a couple of ways technology neurosis manifests itself.

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