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Car amplifier Audison Thesis TH Due two-channel

Date of publication: 2017-09-03 20:03

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Audison Thesis HV Venti Amplifier HV Venti - Stereo

AV due is a powerful stereo amplifier.
The power supply section and final stage, designed to work also in mono and tri-mode, ensure very high output current, with powers up to 955 W (RMS).

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The Audison amplifier is another great piece of audio gear from a company that clearly cares about sound. The ability to incorporate a full digital front end is simply icing on the cake and after tasting it, it&rsquo s icing I wouldn&rsquo t do without.

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For my critical listening evaluations of these products, I decide to drive only three of the five channels. I connect the ultra high fidelity front channels to my reference speakers and the subwoofer channel to a high-quality 67-inch woofer in a sealed enclosure. I first listen to the amplifier in analog mode and, as with every other Audison product I have ever heard, I'm not disappointed. The sonics of the amplifier are very good with excellent timbre and great detail in the top end. The amp sounds very neutral in terms of coloration and it creates a very good stereo image.

To use the in full digital mode, you simply remove two screws, gently pull out the analog input module and replace it with the AV bit IN digital module. The change is very simple and takes less than five minutes to accomplish.

The Voce is a five-channel amplifier designed to be the only amp you&rsquo ll need for your entire system. It has a rather unusual configuration in that the front and rear class AB channels have differing power levels &ndash the rated power for the front channels is listed at 75 W per channel and the rear channels are rated at 695 W into four ohms and 755 W into two ohms. The subwoofer channel has a 655-watt rating at four ohms and a 6,555-watt rating into a two-ohm load.

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For those of you wondering how to get a digital audio source in your car, there are several companies who build products that connect to an Apple or other device. This approach allows you to bypass the player's limited quality on-board DAC and provide a fully digital signal via SPDIF or digital coaxial outputs, which can then be fed directly into the bit One or bit Ten D. Some of these digital adapters are actually designed for home use, so they need some tweaking to work in your car, but many have had good success with the Logitech Squeezebox Touch and the Pure i-75 dock among others.

In this review, Cogent Audio Labs takes a close look at Audison's Voce amplifier and the Voce AV bit IN digital interface. With a suggested retail price of $6,655 for the amplifier and $685 for the digital interface, one would figure these are serious pieces of audio gear. Well, indeed they are and because the Voce series is a direct descendant of the exceptional Thesis series, they now bring the legendary Thesis sound quality to a wider range of enthusiasts. And, like the Thesis products, the Voce series also has the ability to combine analog and digital technologies.

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