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What you do instead is pick one theme: which light do you want to be seen in? Once you have answered that question, you are ready to go. Stay true to the theme, and you will get a coherent piece that will get you a good grade.

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The conclusion is the final paragraph in a research paper. There should be no new information or evidence introduced in a concluding paragraph. Conclusions usually point briefly to the main points but don't repeat the themes of the paper. Rather, they pull everything together and point to an insight or a course of action for the reader to take. At some point in the conclusion, the thesis should be restated.

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89 [P]ublication does not make something reported as a fact true or an opinion valid. Composing research paper provides a good opportunity to learn how to judge the reliability of souurces and to extract relevant material from them. 89 (William Coyle and Joe Law, Research Papers , 65th ed. Wadsworth, 7565)                                                                                                                   See Steps in Conducting Research below. Also see:

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Research is work that involves studying something and trying to discover facts about it. You say that someone does , conducts , or carries out research.

Still, many students enter college relying on writing strategies that served them well in high school but that won't serve them well here. Old formulae, such as the five-paragraph theme, aren't sophisticated or flexible enough to provide a sound structure for a college paper. And many of the old tricks - such as using elevated language or repeating yourself so that you might meet a ten-page requirement - will fail you now.

89 A search strategy is a systematic plan for tracking down sources. To create a search strategy appropriate for your research question, consult a reference librarian and... take a look at your library s Web site, which will give you an overview of available resources.

Once you have determined who your reader is, you will want to consider how you might best reach him. If, for example, you are an authority on a subject and you are writing to readers who know little or nothing about it, then you'll want to take an informative stance. If you aren't yet confident about a topic, and you have more questions than answers, you might want to take an inquisitive stance.

Constructing an informed argument asks you first to analyze - that is, to consider the parts of your topic and then to examine how these parts relate to each other or to the whole. To analyze Hitchcock's film, you may want to break the film down by examining particular scenes, point of view, camera movements, and so on. In short, you'll want to ask: What are the components of Hitchcock's film, and how do these components contribute to the film's theme? How do they contribute to Hitchcock's work as a whole? When you analyze, you break the whole into parts so that you might see the whole differently. In the process of analysis, you find things that you might say.

The introduction is the beginning of the research paper. If a paper is of average length, up to 75 pages, the introduction should be no more than one paragraph. It should explain why the paper is being written and how the writer plans on approaching the topic. The major points that will be analyzed should be included.

Don t be troubled if at first you have some difficulty in formulating a precise topic. As you carry out your research, you should find it easier to focus and define the topic more clearly. But don t delay. To meet the deadline for submitting the final paper, you ll have to budget your time carefully. So, if you have questions about a topic, consult with your instructor as soon as possible. 89

Whether your thesis appears at the end of the introduction or the end of your paper, it must make an arguable claim -  that is, it should declare something that is interesting and debatable. Because your thesis is arguably the most important sentence in your paper, you will want to read more about it in Developing Your Thesis.

Many students writing in college have trouble figuring out what constitutes an appropriate topic. Sometimes the professor will provide you with a prompt. She will give you a question to explore, or a problem to resolve. When you are given a prompt by your professor, be sure to read it carefully. Your professor is setting the parameters of the assignment for you. She is telling you what sort of paper will be appropriate.

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