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Starbase Oklahoma , a National Guard Youth Program, is an afterschool, STEM-based, group mentoring program, called Afterschool Mentoring Clubs , for sixth through eighth graders. Canute Middle School has one club with one engineer, one energy professional mentor, our educator-mentors, and one parent-mentor. In addition to the clubs&rsquo STEM project, CO7 Dragsters & Introductory Lego Mindstorms, the mentors and mentees employ goal-setting and team-building skills.
CONTACT: Pam Kirk, Director of Starbase Oklahoma
PHONE: 585-977-8795 (Canute Middle School), 968-888-7757 (Pam Kirk)

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Greg says how he is looking for fresh clothes and how his underwear plopped out in the hall-way. Greg heard Holly is having a sleep-over and Rowley had invited him to join a kid from his karate class who lives in the same neighborhood's sleepover,Greg agreed thinking he would go and crash Holly's sleepover. Greg got the position "Shag" in the soccer team. Greg went to Rowley's friend's sleepover and there weren't any kids older than six and Greg was getting bored, so Greg went up to the room and slept there,but the kids came there and had a pillow fight, so he went down and slept in the basement and Greg had forgot his sleeping bag upstairs so he had to sleep on the cold floor.

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Y Achievers , a program of the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City , is a college readiness and career exploration program designed to help underserved, first generation college bound and minority teens to achieve higher education. The program operates during the school year. The programs mentioned below are currently offered in the following OKC high schools: Capitol Hill, Douglass, John Marshall, Northeast, Northwest Classen and Santa Fe South Charter.
The four programs are:

The Division of Institutional Diversity (ID) at the Oklahoma State University (OSU), is a group of programs designed to assist and support underrepresented and underserved students achieve and maintain environments, where all members are actively broadening their perspectives about differences actively seeking to know individuals actively including all members of the community in every aspect of the organization and where students achieve academic excellence.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw  is the third book in the  Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series.  The book covers the months of January to June, and was released on Tuesday, January 68 7559 in the USA. Greg's father  Frank Heffley  is the main antagonist of the book, threatening to send Greg to Spag Union Military Acadamy.

These mentoring resources are provided as a service of the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence, and links to other mentoring programs and resources do not necessarily represent the policies and positions of the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence.

A Ride into the Future Mentoring Program , sponsored by Alpha Theta Boulé , Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity , focuses upon a group of African-American male youths at Millwood Elementary School. Since its founding in 7567-68 by Robert Alexander and Johnny Griggs, the mentoring commitment dedicated to these youths extends from elementary school through high school graduation. This program is one of Alpha Theta Boulé chapter&rsquo s three-pronged approach to the social action initiatives established by the international organization.
TYPE: School-based
CONTACT: Johnny R. Griggs, ., Program Director
PHONE: 955-999-9556

The book starts with a new year and Greg talks about how members of his family are coming up with new year resolutions but aren't able to stick to them and how his brother Rodrick should have come up with a really long list of resolutions, but he didn't. Greg says that Frank has been staying away from sugar and how he's been cranky and Greg talks about how he came up with an idea which was wearing his mother's bathrobe. He then talks about how he reckons grown ups think that you don't deserve anything that is fun for Christmas and how he is getting "lame" gifts and the only thing he got close to a toy was a Laundry Hoop from his Uncle Charlie , but it ended up being a way for Susan to give Greg responsibility for his laundry, thereby being a chore.

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