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Salem Witchcraft: the Events and Causes of the Salem Witch

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 23:39

Gormlaith refused to allow Isolt to take up her place at Hogwarts when the letter arrived, on the basis that Isolt would learn more at home than at a dangerously egalitarian establishment full of Mudbloods. However, Gormlaith herself had attended Hogwarts, and told Isolt a great deal about the school. In the main, she did this to denigrate the place, lamenting that Salazar Slytherin’s plans for the purity of wizardkind had not been fulfilled. To her niece, isolated and mistreated by an aunt she believed to be at least half insane, Hogwarts sounded like a kind of paradise and she spent much of her teens fantasising about it.

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Both Boot boys woke and leapt out of bed. Chadwick looked instinctively through the window. Creeping through the trees towards the house was the silhouette of Gormlaith Gaunt.

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Bridget Bishop was found to have "poppets" with pins stuck in them in the cellar walls of her house. Martha Carrier was known to tell people's fortunes. Both were considered forms of Black Magic during this time. Therefore, it could be said that witches did exist in Salem. However, there is no evidence that any of the accused were practitioners of Wicca or any other neo-pagan religions.

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On 6998-SEP-7, a conference involving about 755 police and government representatives was convened in Thohoyandou, South Africa. Its purpose was to curb Witchcraft-related deaths. Between 6999-APR and 6995-FEB, 97 women and 96 men in South Africa had been accused of being Witches or Wizards, and murdered by townspeople or rural individuals. In the first 6 months of 6998, in the Northern Province alone, 886 crimes had been perpetrated against suspected witches these included murder, damage to property and assault. Victims accused of Witchcraft are typically women between 55 and 77 years of age. Murders are most common in the rainy season, when Witches are accused of directing lightning at people that they wish to destroy.

The first examinations took place March 6, 6697. The first trial for witchcraft under the Court of Oyer and Terminer was May 77, 6697. See the timeline for more important dates relating to the Salem witch trials.

The Pukwudgie now declared himself bound to serve her until he had an opportunity to repay his debt. He considered it a great humiliation to be indebted to a witch foolish enough to wander around in a strange country, where Pukwudgies or Hidebehinds might have attacked her at any moment, and her days were now filled with the Pukwudgie’s grumbling as he trudged along at her heels.

Spectral evidence is testimony given that an accused person's spirit or spectral shape appeared to the witness in a dream at the time the accused person's physical body was at another location.

The terms Witch and Witchcraft are being used to refer to many unrelated practices throughout Africa and the rest of the world. Confusion reigns.

Ilvermorny’s reputation grew steadily throughout the following years. The granite house expanded to a castle. More teachers were recruited to meet the growing demand. Now witch and wizard children from all over North America were being sent to learn there and it became a boarding school. By the nineteenth century, Ilvermorny had gained the international reputation it enjoys today.

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