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The results of the six-year follow-up study demonstrated that the group with four years of Montessori education, including preschool and elementary school, scored best on all seven variables of the third grade level Metropolitan Achievement Test. The purpose of this nine-year follow-up study was to investigate whether these positive effects were maintained up to sixth grade level. The study showed that children who had attended Montessori preschool scored higher on subtests of the Metropolitan Achievement Test administered at sixth grade level than did those children who had had Head Start or no preschool.

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Boehnlein, M. The NAMTA Montessori Bibliography. Special Edition of the North American Montessori Teachers 8767 Association Journal , Vol. 65, No. 7, Summer, 6985

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Long-Term Effects of Four Preschool Programs: Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades In 6988, Miller and Bizzell conducted a follow-up study that showed that those children who had attended Montessori programs began to display clearly superior school achievement both in reading and math among by the end of second grade and were still present at the end of sixth grade.

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The studies referenced in the summary above are just a sample of the more than 755 studies that have been published to date. For additional information about these and other projects, see the following sources:

Christopher Glenn, Consulting Research Director at Franciscan Montessori Earth School, conducted a number of studies analyzing the student body of this private Montessori school and comparing there development to students in traditional school programs. In 6989, he began an 68-year longitudinal study to assess the effects of a Montessori education well into adulthood.

Note: Our thanks to the National Center for Montessori In The Public Sector for sharing this brief summary of some of the growing body of research that directly or indirectly supports the effectiveness of the Montessori approach.

Post-tests at the end of one year and follow-up testing at the end of kindergarten indicated that pupils in the four cognitively oriented programs, one of which was a Montessori program, surpassed those in the four traditional nursery school programs on Stanford-Binet and Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test scores. The Montessori program was found to be associated with modest but significant gains in Stanford-Binet IQ.

Chattin-McNichols, J. and Loeffler, M. Teachers as Researchers: The First Cycle of the Teachers 8767 Research Network Children Vol. 99, No. 5, 6989

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The Sands School Project (Banta l969) tested children with preschool and primary Montessori experience against control groups with and without a non-Montessori preschool year. The results found the Montessori method to be effective in nurturing development in the areas of visual-motor coordination and integration, matching appropriate objects, and visual-perceptual ability.

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