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Salaries differ based upon the area in which the PhD applicant is employed. While most PhD graduates are paid over $655,555 per year, some PhD graduates are paid more to perform C-level jobs or jobs with more liability or responsibility.

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If you are getting your degree in a technical field where there might be the opportunity to patent a product or method you are developing, then you may want to go out and try to build a business around it.  It can be long hours, stressful, and risky, but the potential for both financial and personal rewards are sky-high.

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Make a difference in the literary lives of students by developing teaching and learning methods in literature, writing, and the language arts. Whether you&rsquo re a prospective teacher or a practicing professional, we have a range of programs from which you can choose.

How Long are PhD Programs in Psychology?

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Students seeking a PhD at George Mason University should obtain their Master 8767 s in Software Engineering prior to enrollment. In order to receive their PhD in Software Engineering, students must complete the required coursework and qualifying exams and defend their dissertation. Students must be in close communication with their advisory committee and doctoral advisor to receive approval for their thesis and defense. The school 8767 s administration must also approve it.

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Technology for online curriculum is improving. Collaboration tools and interactive tools are available to create an atmosphere that encourages interaction among peers. Some of the schools offering online PhD programs include the following:

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This course explores the historical roots, theoretical foundations, major works, and guiding philosophy of Humanistic, Transpersonal and Existential (HTE) psychology. This course also examines the different approaches to studying HTE as it relates to human motivation, needs, will, love, and existence in a contemporary world.

Area of interest is legislative drafting and information technology (Artificial intelligence) any prospects on this being offered??? Modalities, duration and cost implications.

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