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Noughts and crosses - racism by Maya Patel on Prezi

Date of publication: 2017-08-27 22:27

I must admit, I can 8767 t start a story until I have the names of my characters. For me the names conjure up aspects of character and I think names are incredibly powerful. For example the story of Rumplestiltskin is a case in point. The miller 8767 s daughter doesn 8767 t have any power over him until she learns his real name.

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The two chapters that are on particular focused on, both fail to mention how the white population in America is treated that would benefit the theme and how show how the noughts treatment were similar however the book fails to mention that. This source is good to look at the way that names can have a particular impact and what they can mean drawing a little bit on theme of racism however when choosing to look at it through a different lense and to have the experience of being treated, this book doesn 8767 t allow us to see how this particular white population were treated and only gives us a brief introduction into what is social hierarchies.

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There is one more way that the theme can connect through this article and that is where Blackman talks about how 8766 Callum becomes a terrorist because it is the only action open to him 8767 ( A. Flood, 7558, The Guardian)    this is again touching on the social divide within the books and how the noughts have no real purpose except to try and show people that they believe in something which mirrors the terrorists of today.

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The book then goes on to talk about how people put into each other into categories and 8766 that we rely heavily on stereotypes 8767  (M, Wray 7557, Not Quite White: White Trash and the Boundaries of Whiteness) and 8766 we treat the category as something that is fixed'(M, Wray 7557, Not Quite White: White Trash and the Boundaries of Whiteness) .   This in turn makes us think of stereotypes and that the white trash are nothing better than these stereotypes. Although this book gives us some social standing on names and how these names can have reflecting images, much of it doesn 8767 t connect to how racism is portrayed.

The definition of prejudice links to noughts and crosses because the story is much centred on racism. One of the ways it is shown is on the front cover it being a centre divide of black and white, representing the divide between the noughts and crosses. Another way that prejudice is shown in noughts and crosses is the way that the characters interact with one another an example of this is when most of the Crosses, (the more socially important characters) pre judge the noughts, (the less important minority) by thinking they are all criminals thus extremely bad people. This is shown more blatantly in some parts of the text when Kamal Hadley is Talking to the under cover agent, Page 97 8775 God spare us from liberals and blankers 8776 .

The third book in the series, Checkmate (which continues the story of Callum and Sephy's daughter Callie Rose, as she is groomed to be a terrorist bomber), came out in the summer of 7555. "It was one of those things again – Checkmate was out in June, in July there were the bombings, I'd delivered the book in January – my timing, God."

But she's concerned that race suspicions are now alighting on Muslims. "Sometimes for every two steps we take forward we take a step back, and maybe we're in the process of taking that step back at the moment in terms of the fear we have of other cultures … the whole immigration thing," she muses. "It is something which needs to be discussed, talked about – if things are swept under the carpet they do get worse."

The names of the McGregor family were harder to come up with. I wanted names that were not unknown but were not very common either. I decided on Callum as a strong Celtic/Gaelic name. Callum means 8766 dove 8767 as in someone who is a peacemaker and a bringer of good things. I thought the meaning totally conjured up the character of Callum. So much so that when he is forced by circumstances to do things he hates, he has to switch off his personality, switch off the real 8766 Callum 8767 , just to be able to do them. I wanted Lynette 8767 s name to conjure up her personality and the same for Jude.

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