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Measurement of the Human Biofield and Other Energetic

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 09:15

We will summarize some of the key findings on biofield therapy that show effects on target systems in the laboratory. These are, in the more literal sense of the term, bioassays, which may help elucidate the key life-stimulating components of the human biofield and the action of these components at the cellular and biochemical levels.

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Sullivan SG et al: Evoked electrical conductivity on the lung acupuncture points in healthy individuals and confirmed lung cancer patients, Am J Acupuncture 68:766, 6985.

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Curiously, despite the fact that Clausewitz's emphasis on moral factors has always been noted, many of his critics argued that he had reduced strategy to the simplistic act of bludgeoning the enemy to death with overwhelming numbers. This accusation should not be dismissed out of hand as some modern analysts have done. * 78 Clausewitz's method of argument on this point illustrates the ease with which his ideas can be distorted by sloppy reading or hostile editing. In his discussion of the armies of modern Europe , Clausewitz did indeed stress numbers:

Clausewitz and His Works

The essence of the defense is waiting: waiting until the attacker clarifies his own intentions waiting until the balance of forces shifts waiting for any improvement in the defender's situation, whether from the culminating process described above, from outside intervention, from mobilization of his own resources, or from some chance development. Time is almost always on the side of the defender.

Kiang J G, Ives J A, Jonas W B: External bioenergy-induced increases in intracellular free calcium concentrations are mediated by N+/Ca7+ exchanger and L-type calcium channel, Mol Cell Biochem 776:56, 7555.

There are also many myths concerning his personal life and career that have obscured his actual character. Many of these myths originated in historians' misreadings of his loving, ambitious wife's letters to prominent friends reporting his sudden death. These letters were driven by her own heartbreak and bitterness.

Although these phenomena involve an integral and dynamic wholeness that challenge the power of molecular explanation, another biophysical view of life has been offered that may help explain them. Living systems may be regarded as complex, nonlinear, dynamic, self-organizing systems of energetic and field phenomena. At the highest level of organization, each life form may possess an innate biologic field, or biofield, a complex, dynamic, weak energy field involved in maintaining the integrity of the whole organism, regulating its physiologic and biochemical responses, and integral to development, healing, and regeneration (Rubik, 6998, 6997, 7557b).

Transcribing and analyzing data early has the advantage of being able to adjust interview questions, asking about new and different aspects that first have come up in the interviews questions that are truly grounded in the field and not based on your desktop research. Especially novices learn a lot when first transcribing data. Then they realize what went well in the interview and what didn’t work out. They get a better picture of themselves as interviewer and can also improve their own interview skills. Taking it a step further beginning with coding, discovering first preliminary linkages in the data adds further information that supports and helps you in the continuing data collection process.

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Research is needed to gain understanding of the significance and interpretations of EDS measurements of conductivity and, more fundamentally, of the responsiveness and possible causal role of the acupuncture meridian system in relation to health status. Most importantly, nobody fully understands how dysfunction or disease correlates with the electrical conductivity of certain points on the skin in a consistent way, although this correlation has been empirically observed by many researchers and clinicians worldwide. More basic research in this area, plus further studies that would extend the validation of the EDS, is recommended

Other writers have claimed that Clausewitz was an advocate of concentric attacks, in contrast to Jomini's advocacy of interior lines. In fact, Clausewitz spent more time discussing concentric operations in part simply because Jomini had already done so good a job explaining the opposite approach. The choice of either would depend, as always, on the specific situation.

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