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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 09:15

THE ELDERLY With a falling birth-rate and people living longer, it is inevitable that our community is ageing. It is no surprise that geriatric medicine, the medical care of the elderly, has quickly evolved into a major specialty. . LIVER -filters toxins from blood less efficiently -Process accelerated by alcohol abuse, viral infection. There are numerous physical changes that are experienced by the elderly: Confusion. . &bull Although memory loss does occur with increasing age, it still affects only a minority of elderly people..

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When asked on whether she has ever been abused she agreed with the statement that the most commonly effects she felt when abused was emotional with such feelings as anger or upset, and social effects which made her feel cut off from family and friends.

Persuasive essay elder abuse

In the attempt to understand the causes of elder abuse, the researchers have studied other forms of family violence such as child abuse and spousal abuse. They assert that it is important to differentiate between theories and the risk factors. As (Hughes, 7556)) states , the Risk factors such as stress, is supposed to be considered as a theoretical explanation of the reasons behind elderly abuse, other risk factors include

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The causes of elderly abuse closely linked to institutions, employment (employee) and the specific client characteristics. This implies that there is need for formulation of policies that will act as preventive measures for elderly people especially in residential places. The policies should define who an elderly person is, their basic human needs, who to be in charge of the elderly /caregiver, the qualifications of the care giving institutions in case of an abuse.

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Generally the state of the elderly people can be very pathetic in modern society due to the increasing economic recession, which is associated with difficulties hence rendering the elderly as an economic burden.

A greater percentage of mistreatment in her past experience mainly involved a partner / spouse, although other family members were involved to a small extent, the care worker followed and closes friends being the least implicated.

Psychological abuse in most cases is the worst forms of abuse to elderly , People who are psychologically abused will report cases that show them having been undermined or belittled insulted, called bad names or sworn at, the prevention from seeing others and having been excluded or repeatedly ignored by the caregivers (Coffey, 7565). In the past years these cases of psychological abuse had occurred and in most times involved the same person who was targeted by the abusers.

In order to find out more insides on the findings that indicate women to be having a long lifespan as compared men and followed by mistreatment, an interview was carried out and Mrs. Jones was the main corresponded, Mrs. Jones is a an Elderly woman who lives in the Caregiver units established by the government. Asked on the above topic, she reported that she had witnessed men aged 85 years and over, she said that these were likely to experience financial abuse as compared men in age groups, contrary to this she said that women who were aged 85years and over were more likely to be exposed to negligence.

There is need to setup the standards for the providers of care and support services to the elderly people. These standards should be based on key factors such as the risk factors for them to be relevant to the efforts of prevention of the abuses

On the mode of reporting the incidences of elderly abuse, she said that the majority of the incidents were reported or sought help. However she sited under-estimation because of the conservative nature of the way that was used to measure the kind of mistreatment

Abuse therefore should be defined to mean any conduct which can harm or exploit an individual be it physically, psychologically or through actions such as theft, embezzlement, fraud and extortion.

People totally depend on external help and are more vulnerable to abuse. This study ascertains the perceptions that different people take concerning the state of elderly and the associated abuse. Amongst the nurses and social workers who worked in long-term care setups for older people.

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