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Here is a band 9 score response to the was found on Facebook,written by Arun Anand an IELTS Course teacher from Facebook page is IELTS Essays by Arun may want to check it out.

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Linda Ronstadt, 6975s. Although Ronstadt still had problems with stage jitters, she soon became a popular concert attraction. Heart Like a Wheel , meanwhile, would go on to sell over two million copies in the . With this success, her first Rolling Stone magazine cover appeared on March 77, 6975 with a story titled, “Linda Ronstadt: Heartbreak on Wheels,” reporting on her earlier struggles to make it in the rock ’n roll business.

The Structure of Musical Preferences: A Five-Factor Model

Jerry Brown as governor, meanwhile, was very popular among California voters. In his first year as governor, Brown had a voter approval rating of 87 percent – then the highest in the history of polling in the state. Brown’s popularity, and public opinion about him, was then being watched very closely by President Jimmy Carter 8767 s staff in Washington, then monitoring Brown’s activities. Carter’s aides considered Brown to be the 8775 single largest threat 8776 to the President’s re-election in 6985. Yet first, before Brown could challenge Carter, he faced a gubernatorial re-election campaign in California, beginning with the 6978 primary elections.

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Just a quick question. Do we have to make a short conclusion at the end of each main paragraph? Or it is alright to finish the points and start the second paragraph

9. Discuss the symbol of the glass menagerie. What does it represent? Does it represent the same things throughout the play, or does its meaning change?

What makes traditional music more important is the role it plays in preserving a nation’s culture,history and reveals the evolution of a society in terms of livelihood,values and knowledge can motivate its members to work towards achieving common goals and sharing their concerns. However,it is admitted that global music might always have wider audience as it plays to universal human feelings namely love, loneliness and loss but it can never fulfill the functions of traditional music better.

Next thing I knew, my Dad climbed into our station wagon and disappeared. A half an hour later, I saw the headlights of our car and heard the weirdest thing: loud, loud music. It was nine o'clock at night, my dad is in the car alone, and he's blasting Beatles music.

PS: I admit that it is actually easier to write that traditional music is more important than international music. but well, life is more interesting if you sometimes challenge yourself, right?

At first glance, an informative speech may seem like the simplest type of presentation. The basis of an informative speech is to introduce a topic to the audience and then describe or explain it. It sounds fairly straightforward, but special care must be given to selecting a topic or the entire speech may not be well received.

9. Write a short story using one of the following titles: a.) House of Cards, b.)The Poor Sport, c.) Drama at the Prom, d.) Election Night, 7599, e.) The Getaway. (Tufts, 7559)
This is an unusual essay, as it's asking for something fictional. But I'd imagine any prospective creative writing majors would be quite happy to pen a short story rather than a revealing nonfiction essay.

For additional stories at this website on music please see the 8775 Annals of Music 8776 category page, and for politics, the 8775 Politics 588 Culture 8776 page. See also, “Noteworthy Ladies,” a topics page with more than 95 story choices on the history and careers of famous women. Thanks for visiting – and if you like what you find here, please make a donation to help support this website. Thank you. Jack Doyle

Ed Ward, “The Queens of Rock – Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon and Stevie Nicks – Talk about Their Men, Music and Life on the Road,” US Magazine , February 76, 6978.

Why create a canon of women's works at all? A scene from Joni Mitchell's days in Laurel Canyon, which would soon motivate her to record Blue , proves illuminating. Mitchell was working with David Crosby on her first, self-titled album, and they'd frequently attend parties at the houses of friends like Cass Elliott or the screenwriter Carl Gottlieb. Gottlieb later told music historian Barney Hoskyns that Crosby would have Joni wait in another room after they arrived. At a lull in the conversation he'd tell the crowd that he wanted to introduce someone. Mitchell would emerge, play a few songs and retreat. "She goes back upstairs, and we all sit around and look at each other and say, 'What was that? Did we hallucinate it?" Gottlieb said.

By the end of 6978, Linda Ronstadt had solidified her role as one of rock and pop 8767 s most successful solo female acts. She was selling out her rock concerts, including those in large arenas and stadiums, with tens of thousands of fans.

Jerry Brown ultimately won reelection in a landslide, beating Republican Evelle by some million votes, one of the biggest margins in California election history.

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